Volleyball at the University of Central Oklahoma

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 The 2016 IOC Candidate city bid package listed a minimum seating capacity of 15,000 seats for indoor Volleyball, and 12,000 seats for Beach volleyball.  There are 96 athletes for beach volleyball, and 288 athletes for volleyball.

The Atlanta Olympics hosted indoor volleyball at the Omni coliseum (with 16,000 seat capacity), preliminary rounds 72 miles east of Atlanta at the University of Georgia Stegeman Coliseum (10,000 seat capacity). The highest number of ticketed spectators was 14,500.  508,279 tickets were sold.

Beach volleyball was hosted at Atlanta Beach, in Clayton County, Georgia, 20 miles south of the Olympic Village. 12,600 seats were available for two courts. 108,909 tickets were sold.

For the Tulsa Games bid, both beach and indoor volleyball would be held at the University of Central Oklahoma, to recognize its contribution of being an official United States Olympics training site for volleyball.

For indoor volleyball, the existing University of Central Oklahoma venue, Hamilton Field House has 3,000 seat capacity, which is insufficient seating for the Olympic bid requirements of 15,000 seats. The Tulsa Olympics committee planned to have discussions with the University of Central Oklahoma on either building a 15,000 seat facility on campus with an economically viable post-games use, or relocating the indoor volleyball event to a nearby existing facility, such as the 18,000 seat Oklahoma City Arena.

For Beach volleyball , UCO’s Wantland Stadium has a 10,000 seat capacity. For the Tulsa Olympics, temporary bleachers with 2,000 seats would be added to meet the IOC minimum requirements of 12,000 seats. After the games, the temporary bleachers could be relocated to area schools.

The University of Central Oklahoma dorm capacity of 1,727 beds easily would accommodate the 288 volleyball and 96 beach volleyball athletes, the 128 archery athletes, as well as their coaches.