Tulsa2024 Archery at the University of Central Oklahoma

Oklahoma hosts an official U.S. Paralympic Training Site for archery, at the University of Central Oklahoma, in Edmond, Oklahoma, located 96 miles from Tulsa.
The University of Central Oklahoma is also a  U.S. Paralympic Training Site for volleyball.
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 To recognize Native American and Oklahoma contributions to Olympic Archery, Archery for the Tulsa2024 Games would be held at the University of Central Oklahoma campus.

The 2016 IOC candidate city bid package listed a minimum seating requirement for the Archery event at 4,000 seats, with 128 athletes. 

During the Atlanta1996 Games, the Archery event was held at Stone Mountain Park, 15 miles from downtown Atlanta. The Stone Mountain archery venue was temporary, had a seating capacity of 5,200, and the net spectators were 4,600. 

The University of Central Oklahoma has adequate dorm capacity for the participating athletes.