Tulsa weather - weather in Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa Games Dates due to Climate & Weather

Because of Oklahoma’s reputation for severe weather, and being located in Tornado Alley, the Tulsa Exploratory Games committee would work with the Tulsa National Weather Service forecast office and the United States National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center, in Norman, Oklahoma on the University of Oklahoma campus, site of 2024 Olympic Gymnastics and Soccer. In addition, the National Severe Storms Laboratory is located in Norman, OK.

The following chart was provided by the Tulsa National Weather Service office, and displays the statistical drop off of severe weather at the end of June. 


The proposed 2020 dates by the IOC are  July 15 -31 August, however, IOC allows the host city to recommend alternative dates, depending upon the local host city climate.  (See page 30 of this link). http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Host_city_elections/2020_CAP.pdf

 Severe weather season in Tulsa is traditionally from May to mid June. August is traditionally the hottest month in Tulsa, so the recommended dates for the Games would be between mid June and mid July, instead of the IOC requested dates of mid July to the end of August.