Olympic Kayak - Canoe slalom

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The 2016 IOC candidate city bid package listed a minimum seating requirement for the Flatwater event of 10,000, and 8,000 seats for the slalom. The athlete headcount is 246 for Flatwater, and 82 for the slalom, for a total of 328 athletes.

The Atlanta 1996 Olympic Canoe and Kayak events were held 109 miles from downtown Atlanta, at the dam-controlled Ocoee River, at the Ocoee Whitewater Center, near Ducktown, Tennessee. Approximately 14,000 seats were available. The total number of ticketed spectators was 41,846.

To recognize Tulsa contributions to Canoe/Kayak for the Tulsa Games could possibly motivate the acceptance of the Arkansas River corridor master plan, which would add water to the Arkansas River, and then host the Canoe/Kayak event south of downtown Tulsa below the pedestrian Railroad bridge at 28th street, west of A Gathering Place or  The Meeting Place Park.