Official IOC Application

Official IOC bid application

Many people jump to assumptions when it comes to what it takes to host the Games.  However, the actual bid process and requirements for hosting the Games are published by the International Olympic Committee and easily available online.

Have you ever seen an application package for a city to host the games?  It is only 112 pages long.  It may be surprising to learn what is not required, and also what is required to host the games.  Check out the application for yourself.

Visit this link to see the official IOC application documents for the Olympic Games.

The most recent published application package is for the 2020 games, available here:

We've taken the requirements of the IOC Application Package, and in this website, compared how Tulsa does to the official IOC requirements.  The 2016 IOC bid document is frequently referenced because it is the latest document that published all of the venue seating requirements.