The Why: Benefits of Bidding

The Why: Benefits of Bidding for the Games

Per the Official International Olympic Committee Website:

"The Olympic Games symbolise a unique venture as they have the power to deliver a significant experience which can considerably change a community, its image and its infrastructure. Through its scope and profile, the Olympic Games provide major opportunities for positive improvement and significant legacy. These opportunities can include environmental, economic and social development, as well as sporting and urban development."

The Tulsa2024 exploratory committee believes that the power of the Olympics could be used to positively transform the perception of Oklahoma from a fly-over dust bowl to what Oklahoma truly has to offer; an Olympic class Regional City.

Hosting the Games could become a catalyst for Tulsa to accomplish many things it has unsuccessfully attempted for generations, such as putting water in the downtown Arkansas river, completing the Gilcrease expressway, adding light rail, and completing the Port of Catoosa.


Finally, attempting to bid for the Games allows Oklahoma the opportunity to showcase the true foundation of the games; the University systems.  The Games require facilities that a City's University system provides, and Oklahoma spends a quarter of the State budget on higher education faciliteis, and as a result, has the athletic infrastructure necessary to Host the Games.