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World Fit is a program of the United States Olympics Committee (USOC), and the United States Olympians and Paralympians Association (USOP) to promote fitness and the Olympic ideals to school children through kids fitness programs, school fitness programs, and childhood obesity programs.

World Fit promotes youth fitness programs and Olympic ideals to middle school fitness programs for children by having Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes act as role models for fitness and encouraging children to embrace a lifetime of fitness.

World Fit Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes adopt schools for life, promote a culture of health and fitness for children, inspire students about the importance of health & fitness, and promote the Olympic values of perseverance, respect and fair play.

Approximately 7,000 USA Olympians and Paralympians are recruited to by the USOP to adopt at least one school, and speak annually to its students about the importance of physical fitness activities & a healthier lifestyle, and promote school walking programs.

The athletes encourage the students to participate in the World Fit Walk, which is held each spring on the school’s campus, where the students, teachers and family walk daily for 6 weeks.

The Tulsa Exploratory Committee for the Games supports WorldFit, and proposed integrating WorldFit activities into the bid, and also the Games in Tulsa.