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Host city hotels and accommodations

Rio won the 2016 bid with an acknowledged hotel room shortfall of 16,702 rooms.
The 2016 IOC candidate city bid package listed a minimum hotel/motel requirement for 40,000 beds. The 2024 bid requests an increase of 5,000 rooms, for a total of 45,000 rooms. That is 45,000 rooms, not beds.

Atlanta1996 reported that it looked to 440 hotels in the north Georgia region to provide the hotel rooms (see page 53-54 at this link).

Rio proposed a solution to the hotel room shortfall to the IOC, and at the time of the bid process, and did not have to have all of the rooms available at the time of the bid process. Rio proposed building 9,196 rooms in a Media Village that would have post-games use, and that cruise ships would provide the remaining 7,506 rooms. (See page 65 of this IOC report).

Tulsa also has a hotel room short fall, however, the Tulsa2024 committee calculations are at about a 16,000 room shortfall, not the 30,000 reported in the media. Tulsa does not need to have the 16,000 room shortfall solved at the time of the bid process. What Tulsa2024 needs to prove to the IOC in the bid process is that Tulsa has a viable solution to address the hotel room shortfall. This approach is similar to how Rio address their 16,000 room shortfall.

Tulsa could accommodate this hotel room by bringing shallow draft cruise ships, such as The American Queen (436 passengers) through the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa, the United States farthest inland ice free waterway, and also the Port of Muskogee.

Atlanta had a very low utilization rate of Private Housing inventory (3%).

The Tulsa Olympics venues are spread out over a 126 mile radius. The successful Rio bid listed 7,506 rooms, to be provided by six large cruise ships

According to the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metro Chambers of commerce, there are 18,000 rooms in the Oklahoma City area, and 13,000 rooms in the Tulsa area.

Atlanta offered Private Housing 1996, which had only 3% sales.  Tulsa could utilize an online hospitality service, such as Airbnb.

The Tulsa Exploratory committee notes that additional study needed to be performed on Housing, and that there would likely be a larger amount of sales for Private Housing rentals due to a smaller hotel/motel availability than Atlanta.