Tulsa2024 Volunteer Bid

The Tulsa2024 exploratory committee is not taxpayer funded. It is 100% privately funded.

Where does that money go? Most of it would go for the travel expenses of about five people to travel internationally, and represent Tulsa to the international community as to why Tulsa could host the Games.

Unlike Atlanta1996 that had a partial funding by city tax dollars, all of the Tulsa2024 funding would be raised privately, without tax dollars.

Potential bid committees cities for a 2024 bid should have a budget of approximately $2.5 Million. This is for the expense of a five to ten person team for 2 years of the domestic USA phase of bidding to be the selected USA bid city. The winner of the domestic phase in 2015 would face the international bid cities in 2017.

A USA city that wins the 2015 phase, will be bidding an additional two years at the international level for the 2017 IOC selection, and this city would incur costs above the $2.5 Million.

The total Atlanta1996 bid phase cost was $5M in 1996 dollars ($1M from City of Atlanta, $4M raised privately).

Adjusting for inflation from 1996, the Tulsa2024 Exploratory committee projects a bid cost of $2.5 Million up to the year 2015, and if chosen to represent the USA at the international level, up to the year 2017 of around $10 Million.