Sports venues in the Tulsa region
Atlanta1996 used sports venues within a 120 miles radius of downtown Atlanta.  You can see a list of the Venues of the 1996 Summer Olympics here.
Per the IOC, sports such as Soccer and Yachting can be further away.  Atlanta1996 held soccer events in
Miami, Fl
RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.
Birmingham, AL, and
Athens, GA.  
The 126 mile Tulsa2024 region includes:
  • Tulsa area
  • Tahlequah, OK, to the east of Tulsa (Lacrosse/Field Hockey venue)
  • Stillwater, OK, 90 miles West of Tulsa (Basketball, Wrestling, Judo, Football/Soccer/Rugby venues)
  • Oklahoma City, 106 miles west of Tulsa, (current USOC training site for Rowing)
  • Edmond, OK, 100 miles west of Tulsa, (current USOC training site for Archery, Volleyball)
  • Norman, Ok,  123 miles west of Tulsa (Atistic and Rythmic Gymnastics, Football/Soccer/Rugby venues)


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