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The 2016 IOC Candidate city bid package states that the sports of Badminton and Fencing can share the same venue as Rhythmic Gymnastics.  However, the bid package also requests a count of the number of sports that are located close to the center of the host city center.

The 2016 IOC bid package lists a minimum seating capacity of 5,000 seats for Gymnastics Artistic / Trampoline, 5,000 for Badminton, 4,000 for Fencing, and 3,000 for the Modern Pentathlon shooting event.

The 2016 IOC Candidate city bid package lists the athlete count for Rhythmic Gymnastics at 96, 172 for Badminton, and 212 for Fencing, and 72 for the Modern Pentathlon,for a total of 552 athletes.

The University of Oklahoma McCasland Field House has a seating capacity of 5,000 seats, which meets the requirements for Rhythmic gymnastics, Badminton, and Fencing.

However, for the Tulsa Games, Badminton, and Fencing might be placed in Tulsa. There are several facilities in Tulsa available to host Olympic Badminton, including the Expo Square Pavilion, with 6,311 seats, or the 5,662 Union Multipurpose Activity Center, and also the SpiritBank Event Center, near Bixby, Oklahoma, to satisfy bid requirements for the number of sports located close to the host city center.


The 2016 IOC candidate city bid package listed a minimum seating requirement for Fencing at 4,000 seats, with 212 athletes.

The Atlanta 1996 Olympics hosted fencing in the Georgia World Congress Center with 2,200 seats available for preliminaries, and a net spectator of 2,000. For the finals, 3,900 seats were available, with a net spectator seating of 3,200.  24,308 tickets were sold during the Olympics.

In Tulsa, the 4,500 seat SpiritBank Event Center is a multi-purpose arena and convention center in Bixby, Oklahoma could host Olympic fencing.