Olympics agenda 2020

Olympic Agenda 2020

Olympic Agenda 2020 information can be found at the official IOC website  here:
 Olympic Agenda 2020 lists 20 + 20 recommendations that lay out the strategic road map for the future of the Olympic movement.
 The Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations address only changes proposed for the future.
Recommendations include:
  • Shaping the bidding process as an invitation
  • Reducing the cost of Olympic city bidding.
  • Including sustainability
  • Move from a sport based program to an event based program.
  • Reduce the cost of Olympic Games management.
  • Protect clean athletes.
  • Leverage the IOC USD $20 Million dollar fund to protect clean athletes.
  • Honor clean athletes.
  • Launch an Olympic channel.
  • Spread Olympics values-based education.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Strengthen ethics.