Research References

Atlanta 1996 Official Olympic Games reports

The Olympic Games did not bankrupt Atlanta.  There are numbers associated with the Olympic games that take on a life of their own, without being verified.

The Atlanta1996 Games brought a $1.721 Billion cash flow event to the city, and Atlanta 1996 reported a profit.

You can see the 3 volume official Atlanta 1996 financial statements by downloading a copy of “The Official Report of the Centennial Olympic Games, The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games” here:

The Financial statements for the 1996 Atlanta games can be found by downloading Volume 1, and searching Adobe reader for page 237. (The printed page is 222). The last line “Reserves for Operations and Construction” indicates that Atlanta made a 19.193 Million dollar profit, in a $1.721 Billion cashflow.

Olympics Bid Research References

Have you ever seen an application package for the Olympic Games?

Here is the official 2016 application for a city to apply to host the Olympic Games. On page 154 of this 2016 Candidature Procedure and Questionnaire, you will find Appendix A, which lists the minimum stadium seating specifications, for each sport.

The Tulsa2024 Exploratory Committee has compared Tulsa to the 2016 IOC specs, and also to the Atlanta 1996 Final Report.

The 2016 application listed the number of seats required per sport, however, the 2020 application does not list the seating requirements. The 2020 Application does list the number of athletes per sport, as well as the individual events.

Therefore, the Tulsa2024 Exploratory committee is using both the 2016 and 2020 application packages as sources.

Cost of the Olympic Games

 IOC – International Olympic Committee Host City election process

Here is the process the IOC used to select a Host City:

Here are the details for the past Host City Elections:

The latest available Bid package is for the 2020 bid process, and here is the link to the 2020 Olympic Games Official IOC application:

Appendix A, page 65 lists the Official program of the London 2012 games, and the number of athletes per sport, however, unlike the 2016 Application Appendix A, the 2020 document does not list the minimum required seating.

USOC – United States Olympic Committee Host City election process 

The full text of the USOC letter to USA bid cities can be found here:

That USOC letter states that the operating budget can be in excess of $3B, which is in line with the Tulsa2024 Exploratory committee estimates of $3 Billion.