Field Hockey / Lacrosse

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 Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American origin. Some say the name originated from the French term for field hockey, le jeu de la crosse.

A proposal by the Tulsa Games committee is to have the Olympic torch follow one of several Trail of Tears to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Tahlequah has the distinction of being the capital of both the Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

One of first institutions of higher learning established west of the Mississippi River was the nearby tribal college Cherokee Male Seminary and Cherokee Female Seminary which were established by the Cherokee Nation. Today, it is known as Northeastern State University (NSU).

The 2016 IOC Candidate city bid package listed a minimum seating capacity of 12,000 seats for Field Hockey, and 384 athletes.

During the Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Field Hockey was hosted at Morris Brown College Herndon Stadium, with 15,011 seats available. The highest number of tickets seats sold was 13,821.

The Northeastern State University Doc Wadley stadium currently seats 12,500 seats, and exceeds the minimum bid city requirements. The University has 800 dorm beds available, which exceeds the 384 athlete requirement.

The Northeastern State University campus has the appropriate amount of dorm beds to hosts the Olympics field hockey event, and is located 74 miles from Tulsa. The current availability of hotel/motel rooms is insufficient, however the Tulsa Games committee proposes the Port of Muskogee could host shallow draft cruise ships for accommodations, 29 miles from Tahlequah.