$600 Million Catalyst for Capital Projects

Tulsa2024 Games Capital Projects expense estimates

Tulsa has tried for years, if not generations, to complete many capital projects, such as the new low water dams for the Arkansas river, a light rail system, completing the Gilcrease expressway, and dredging the McClellan-Kerr waterway to a 12 ft depth from the Tulsa Port of Catoosa to the Gulf of Mexico.  Tulsa2024 calculates these capital projects to be about $600 Million.

Hosting the 2024 Games could be a catalyst for these projects to finally become reality.  The $2 Billion in cashflow from hosting the 2024 Games could create taxflow to the local economy.  This taxflow could assist in completing these capitol projects. 

Below are expense numbers, with references to the research for the number, for costs associated with the Games.

Per the IOC Marketing Fact File, (page 7 for TV Broadcast revenue, page 17 for Marketing revenue)  the IOC gives the Host City approximately $700 Million dollars to host the Games. This is income to the Host City Committee, and is used to pay for the expenses of hosting the Games.

In addition, the Host City Committee sells tickets, and this number can vary from $185 Million to $551 Million income.  (See page 30 of the IOC Marketing Fact File, or here)

Non-OCOG costs are expenses that the IOC will not allow the local Host City to fund with IOC funds.

Cost Estimate (2024 dollars)
LowHigh $M
2024 Olympic Stadium  $8361996 ACOG report, Vol I, page 28. Doubled cost of 1996 due to inflation.
2024 Natatorium  $501997 ACOG report, Vol I, page 134.  Doubled cost of 1996 due to inflation.
2024 Velodrome -5200 seats  $16Not available in 1998 ACOG report, Vol I, See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Velopark
Total non-OCOG SPORTS infrastructure expenses  $902 Could be financed by post games revenues.
Arkansas Low water dams$70$100$100City Councilor Blake Ewing
Gilcrease Highway Perimiter completion$10$857$250Reference, Reference2
McClellan-Kerr Waterway 12ft depth - Army Corps of Engineers.$10$183$183Reference
Light rail$21M/mile
$150 INCOG Rail Transit Strategic Plan, P 26.
Total Capital CITY infrastructure expenses  $6832024 could be a catalyst to complete projects.
Total Capital expenses  $1,585  2024 could be a catalyst to complete these Capital Projects.