Bicycling  in Downtown Tulsa

USA BMX moves headquarters and Training facility to Tulsa

USA BMX announced in April 2016 that the organization will relocate its headquarters to Tulsa.

 Tulsa Tough

Tulsa Tough is a three-day cycling festival that attracts professional and amateur racers from across the country racing criterium style races on three different venues in the streets of Downtown Tulsa and along the Arkansas River. Tulsa Tough was ranked in the top 10 out of 30 National Racing Calendar races in only its third year.

To recognize Tulsa’s contribution to Bicycling, along with the native America theme, the Tulsa games could host the four Olympic bicycling events near downtown Tulsa. BMX and Mountain bike events could be held on trails on the Modern Osage Nation at the Osage Hills, the broad rolling hills and rolling tallgrass prairie encompassing Osage County and surrounding areas.

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The 2016 IOC Candidate city bid package listed a minimum seating capacity of 5,000 seats for BMX at the Summer Olympics, 2,000 seats for Mountain bike racing, 1,000 seats for the Road cycling race, and 5,000 seats for Track cycling. The athlete headcount is 48 for BMX, 80 for mountain bike, 212 for road cycling, and 188 for track cycling, for a total of 528 athletes.

Atlanta Olympics road bicycling events were hosted on Atlanta road courses, with 800 seats available. No ticket sales were listed, except for the finish at the Olympic stadium. The track cycling was held at a temporary 6,000 seat velodrome built at Stone Mountain park, 15 miles east of Atlanta.  The highest number of ticketed spectators at the Stone Mountain Park Velodrome was 5,878. Ticket sales for the Atlanta Olympics in bicycling were mountain bike 27,789, track cycling 29,961.

 Atlanta1996 tore down the temporary velodrome that was located at Stone Mountain Park. Here is some info on that tracks design for a relocatable structure

The Atlanta1996 velodrome was designed to be moved, and in 2000 was moved to Bromont, Quebec. Due to this, Bromont is ”The only establishment in Canada to offer the six cycling disciplines (road, track, mountain, cyclo-cross, BMX and para-cycling) in one location. 

Tulsa2024 would need to build a velodrome in order to host the Games. The Tulsa2024 committee would work with local bicycling groups to study the feasibility of converting the Tulsa Drillers Stadium to a velodrome. A goal would be to make Tulsa a bicycle destination that could support all six bicycle sports: road, track, mountain, cyclo-cross, BMX and para-cycling.

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